A recent question from two Americans, enroute home from the airport on their first visit- “How do you control traffic in your city?”

I replied smiling back at them, “These are what I call-COW INSPECTORS.”

They were as puzzled as you are ….. reading this.

I had to confess that we are a nation where we have only rebelled against the system since the time we can recall; be it the Mughals, the British or the legal system.

Our heroes and martyrs in our history books are those who fought against external people who have enforced their might upon us and nowadays we do it with our own system makers inside this country.

And hence to regulate the speed on the road, we have holy cows on our roads. Post their milking they are let out onto the streets, where they graze from plastic covers to the filth thrown around to feed themselves until it is time for them to be hoarded back to their homes.

It is true that as Indians we find the cow to be holy and we might be able to mow down a dog with a speeding car, but a cow will stop us in our tracks. I guess that is the reason why the police also do not drive them away or punish the owners of these revered creatures, despite them creating road blocks for hours.

Or is there a COW MAFIA that is parallel in this city which no cop dares question? To probe that end, we did a small research and asked the traffic cops how they manage controlling traffic when it is filled with cows and why dont they do something about it, The cop helplessly said, we have to speak to the BBMP people as it is their perview and he nor his entire department can do nothing about it.

Well, if the power houses are helpless, who are we to question….. so increase your paitence when you see them blocking the roads, and ‘pray to god’ for blessings and for safety.ImageImage

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