How to Help Your Child Overcome Post-vacation Blues

Post-holiday blues, as termed in the West, is a phenomenon that is not only popular within the grown-up and working groups but also seen widely among children and teens. When it is unaddressed, it can increase their risk of undergoing stress, depression and anxiety for prolonged periods.


The eternal tug o’ war between the Traditional and Montessori school Children arrive into this wide world with no apparent information at their hands. They receive information through their senses in the environment that they belong to and this information comes through cumulative observation and the language spoken by the adults around them. All this […]


ROAD RAGE When you got to go you gotta go….. oops!!! This line is not to answer natures call but its the noisy vroom vroom on the roads these days. Rage means ‘anger display’ and Road is used to ‘commute’. They are two different words and things which have no connect, but if we look […]


A recent question from two Americans, enroute home from the airport on their first visit- “How do you control traffic in your city?” I replied smiling back at them, “These are what I call-COW INSPECTORS.” They were as puzzled as you are ….. reading this. I had to confess that we are a nation where […]

GURU PURNIMA -Significane

Organisations and educational Institutions felicitate teachers and elders who have contributed to the better learning of this society. They are the ones who endure many a student to impart good knowledge and ensure that a good society is built on strong grounds. While the day is actually a day for salutations towards spiritual guru’s who […]